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Self Sealing Couplings Valve Fittings How to Order Safety

Creative Engineers has created this safety guide in a view to provide product information for users who have sound technical knowledge of the components and it is understood that usage of the products in the catalog is thoroughly analyzed and all relevant information reviewed according to the technical parameters recommended.

As the products are used in different environment and applications, the user is responsible for making the final selection of the products and ensuring that all performance and safety requirements of the application are understood and adhered to.

We have listed certain procedures and precautions for handling couplings although the list is not exhaustive.

  1. Ensure that the thread specification of the coupling and matches with your connection fittings
  2. Ensure that dust particles are cleaned on both the coupler and adaptor before connection to ensure leak proof operation
  3. Ensure relevant safety fitting is attached to avoid hose whip
  4. Ensure the application of coupler and/or adaptor is recommended by the manufacturer
  5. Ensure the pressure and temperature is recommended by the manufacturer
  6. Ensure the seals are approved for the fluid application for couplers and/or adaptors
  7. The coupler and adaptor have no user serviceable parts and hence avoid servicing.
  8. Ensure no external force is applied to release the adaptor from the coupler as it can damage the sealing area.